Our Team

Meet The Sparkleen Team


Here at Sparkleen, our team members help us establish and maintain a relaxed, family oriented environment throughout our practice, giving the extra T.L.C to anyone in need of it.

Marcela Jofre Medina


 Registered  Dental Hygienist

Marcela studied at York University and received her Dental Hygiene Diploma from George Brown College in 2005. Marcela's diverse knowledge in dental office administration has been an asset to our clinic. Her experience in peadiatric dentistry is most beneficial to the children we treat at Sparkleen. She loves to educate them about their teeth and gums early on. It is important to Marcela to connect with patients and help them meet their dental hygiene needs and goals. She takes time with those who need extra T.L.C. with patience, kindness and compassion. She loves to travel and take vacations, workout at the gym and spend time with her family, while still being able to appreciate a good red wine. 

Loida Hernandez


 Registered  Dental Hygienist

Loida received her Dental Hygiene Diploma in 2010. Prior to that she worked as a Dental Assistant with both general dentists and gum specialists. Those years have been beneficial for when treatment procedures need to be explained in depth. Loida has a holistic approach to dental hygiene, constantly taking courses and researching what new information she can share with her patients. Her approach to hygiene is good old fashion hospitality with a modern touch. She will bring you a blanket if needed, a hot towel at the end of appointments and also occasionally calls to check up on her patients after treatments. Loida can be found at the local hot yoga studio, she’s always keeping busy checking out trendy places to dine and loves the outdoors.


Dawn Frater

Registered  Restorative

Dental Hygienist

Dawn Graduated from Durham College in 1992 and has been practicing ever since. In addition to her dental hygiene diploma, she is also trained in restorative dental hygiene education. She is truly loved by her patients for  her warm compassionate personality and attention to detail, all while maintaining her laid back approach to dental hygiene. You will often find her playing reggae tunes in the background when she is here. She never rushes your visit and gives her full attention to every aspect of each treatment she provides. Outside of the clinic you may find her making lots of new friends in our St. Clair neighbourhood. This one here will win the lottery on day! 


Sidney Goldfarb, D.D.S., Ph.D.


Dr. Goldfarb loves travelling the globe. Keen on learning languages, already speaking beautiful fluent Italian and is currently learning Spanish. He takes pride on his unrushed and gentle approach to all of the treatments he provides as a part of our team. Complimenting this with his honesty and quality of work, he makes all his patients feel comfortable and pleased. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our team and are not willing to let him go! He is stuck with us until the end of his career.


Diane DeSousa

 Certified  Dental Assistant

Diane is our dental assistant to Dr. Goldfarb. Her warmth and sweetness comes across the moment you meet her. We are so happy to have her working with our dentist, as the pair work together harmoniously. Diane enjoys site seeing and traveling also loves to swim. She is also multilingual, Portuguese being her 1st language, a real Portuguese cutie we are glad is a part of our team.